Hotel Helia is renewed

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Hotel Helia is renewed


In recent years, a major renovation of Danubius Hotels has begun, resulting in the renovation of many hotels. Just now, Danubius Hotel Helia‘s restaurant and hotel terrace showcased its refreshed interiors and culinary concept, with a large customer party and press conference, built around dandelions and yellow colors that underlie the new design.

Renovated last winter and completed this spring, Danubius has commissioned the DVM group, whose experts have been instrumental in reviving many of the chain’s hotels (eg Hilton Budapest, Health Spa Resort Margaret Island, Radisson Blu Peace Hotel, Health Spa Resort Aqua Hévíz). over the years, while the design was associated with the Spanish name of Nathalie Rottenburg.
As the hotel director said, Helia’s goal was to meet the needs of conferences, business guests and individual city tourists. This required the most practical design of the interiors, functionality and technology to provide a real experience for those arriving.

Because of the location of the hotel, far from the rich variety of downtown restaurants, they strive to provide the most varied choice within the home, said Danubius Group Chief Chef, who is responsible for the uniform gastronomy of the entire chain. Built to the highest standards of restaurant quality, the essence of a gastronomic profile is to create a unified standard across the hotel group while repositioning restaurants according to their own style, capabilities and needs, with customized solutions.
For the sake of sustainability, their raw materials come from local producers, the season’s fruit and vegetable supply is sure to come from a Hungarian producer, most of the wine supply is domestic, and the menu ranges from deep-fried calf foot to lángos and Caesar salad. And thematic days also play an important role, especially with cuisines from countries and regions that are not really available on the domestic market. Last year, Swabian and Finnish cuisine were introduced to the guests, and this autumn they will be prepared for Russian days.

During the renovation, the Episode Restaurant became sectional and received a show kitchen, which is enjoyed especially during breakfast, said the chef of Helia. The recently renovated Yellow Bistro & Bar shares the restaurant with a huge terrace with a total capacity of almost 200 people, which awaits the Danube with a beautiful panorama and a youthful style. Yellow Bistro & Bar has a separate menu, an up-to-date and exciting menu of bistros and a varied selection of drinks typical of bars. The Episode Restaurant, complete with a terrace, can accommodate up to 500 people, perfectly complementing the meeting facilities.

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